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Generating Leads by Search Engine advertisement while in the same time building positive online presence to gain first impression trust and maximize acquisition

Who We Are?

Dwikana is full service marketing agency with range of services from planning to production.

Dwikana expertise is to integrate marketing strategy from ONLINE to OFFLINE communication or vice versa.

Save your creativity

Creative Production

What makes our creative team so special is because their always work with DATA first.

Programatic Placement

Tailored advertising which can target user behavior, demographic, or geolocation.

Social Media Placement

What make us different than other advertiser is our targeting.

Messenger Placement

We also have SMS LBA & SMS Bulk with competitive pricing table

Premium Placement

We offer competitive price with reporting at the end of publishing period

OOH Placement

We help you find the best place to advertise your business out of home.


Define an efficient plan of action that would achieve the goals and objectives set by its client in developing and producing successful result. Providing the best quality service in the most cost effective manner without compromising the company’s ideals and integrity.

Creative Production

Online Presence

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Activation
Social Media Management
Search Engine Optimization
Public Opinion Driven

Offline Presence

Event Organizing
Event Production
Community Gathering
Press Conference

Content Marketing

Content Writing


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